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Barco Further Strengthens its Leading Position in Indian Digital Cinema Industry

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, Tuesday, July 24, 2012 -- (Business Wire India)

Boost to local film and cinema industry

Qube Digital Cinema System already adopted by 30 cinemas here and this could increase ten-fold

A NEW digital cinema mastering service from the United Kingdom, called Qube Digital Cinema System in two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) formats, has already been adopted by 30 cinemas in Malaysia and the expectations are that eventually up to 300 cinemas here will do so.

The system was officially launched on Tuesday at the National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (Finas) in Ampang, Selangor.

First ever Cinema Ad SMS Contest on Qube Cinema Network

Chennai; July 2nd 2012: Qube Cinema Network today showcased the power of the cinema theatre as an advertising medium while conducting the draw for winners of the first ever SMS ad contest run on a cinema network. Long neglected, with digitisation, the cinema theatres have now become a remotely addressable and accountable medium whose impact on the consumer has been proven to be over 8 times that of TV through international research.

Qube Cinema Releases Version 3.0 Digital Cinema Server Software

DCI-Compliant XP-D Server Provides Upgrade Options to Stereoscopic HFR 3D and 4K

Burbank, CA: June 19, 2012… Qube Cinema announced the release of version 3.0 server software for its digital cinema servers. The new digital cinema server software platform is used in both the Qube XP-I as well as the XP-D, which recently passed the DCI Compliance Test Plan (CTP).

QUBE: A Server For Your Wildest 3D Dreams

Qube Cinema will demonstrate the high-frame-rate (HFR) and high-bit-rate (HBR) capabilities of its Qube XP-I server and the assiciated Qube Xi Integrated Media Block (IMB) at CineEurope Booth 301 (June 18-21, 2012) in Barcelona, Spain.

Qube Cinema Brings High Frame Rate 3D to CineEurope

Demonstrating Immediate Solutions for Exhibitors and Giant Screen Theaters

May 25, 2012… Qube Cinema will demo the high-frame-rate (HFR) and high-bit-rate (HBR) capabilities of the Qube XP-I server and Qube Xi Integrated Media Block (IMB) to the European audience at CineEurope, June 18-21 in Barcelona.

The ultimate viewing experience!

 THE HINDU, Visakhapatnam, April 27, 2012

Jagadamba theatre is all set to screen its first movie The Avengers in 4K dual 3D projector on Friday. Qube Cinema is introducing high frame playback and dual 4K projectors with multi-IMB (Integrated Media Block) sync to the theatre.

Cinema advertising: Rising from the ashes

In their quest for the consumer's attention, advertisers are rediscovering cinema

Why are advertisers flocking back to cinema theatres?

Over the past three years, ad revenues have doubled for almost every major theatre chain in India, hitting a total of roughly Rs 250 crore in 2010-11. This is over a fifth of what advertisers spent on radio and a third of their online ad spends in the same period. At a 35-40 per cent rise year-on-year, cinema advertising is growing faster than online, radio or overall advertising growth, where the annual growth is about 11 per cent.

How Digital Cinema is Changing the Film Business

This article was first published in the Business Standard.

Having revived both cinema advertising as well as single-screen theatres, digital cinema is transforming the economics of the film business in India.