For the Producer

Benefits of Digital Cinema for the Producer:

Opting for a digital release for a movie not only brings down costs and enables a wider release but also provides much better protection against piracy.

Quality and consistency

  • Every print is a perfect copy
  • Better colour grading is possible electronically
  • Opportunity to go directly from DI to Digital release without going to film for the highest quality image

Strong safeguards against piracy

  • Digital packages are encrypted at the source and then unlocked only at the theatre during playback
  • Forensic watermarking can indicate the theatre, time and date of playback even from a camcorder copy!
  • Film can be played only for the exact period allowed by the key - which is also specific to each player


  • Multiple language sound tracks and multiple language sub-titles
  • Trimming the film post release can be done centrally and remotely


  • Faster time from finish to release
  • Duplicating from the master, for theatrical release is much faster