For the Exhibitor

Benefits of Digital Cinema for the Exhibitor:

Screening a movie digitally on Qube will save time, money and more. Read on to learn how playing digital files as opposed to film prints has its advantages.

Gives theatre a premium image

  • Helps attract the more popular, prestigious films
  • "Digital" brings audiences to the theatre
  • Superior Picture quality, every show is a premiere - no scratches or dust ever!
  • Ultimate sound quality - uncompressed sound is even better than any digital film sound format


  • From central storage to multiple playback servers within a multiplex
  • A variety of movies can be shown on the same screen through the course of a day
  • Helps enable alternative programming in multiplexes
  • Improves efficiency in scheduling

Lower operational costs

  • Significantly reduced power consumption
  • Lower maintenance costs on lamps and consumables
  • Reduced man-power costs

3D projection capability!

  • 3D Stereoscopic movies are certainly the rage with more and more releasing each year
  • Qube enables 3D Stereoscopic projection in 2K DCI screens using multiple technologies
  • Qube enables amazing 3D using dual projectores with a highly economical E-Cinema soluti!

Greater ease of operation

  • Qube is a simple theatre device and not a computer
    • The projectionist can learn to operate the system in just a few minutes
  • Remote scheduling where content such as trailers and advertisements can be remotely programmed