For the Distributor

Benefits of Digital Cinema for the Distributor:

Qube reduces problems during the distribution process and brings advantages in terms of costs, logistics and more.

Reduced distribution costs

  • Huge savings in print costs with digital copies typically costing just a third of film prints
  • No more wear and tear of film prints
  • Lower transportation and security costs
  • Removes the logistical nightmare of content delivery by leveraging satellite networks
  • Can scale up the number of theatres even in the last minute

Enables far larger film releases

  • Within a given budget, more digital copies can be made to reach more locations for a simultaneous release
  • Reduces the time for return on investment
  • Exploit the promotional budget of the film in the early weeks to the maximum with a wider release
  • Has the potential to largely diminish the impact of piracy on the fortunes of the film

Foolproof reporting of playback data

  • Prevents unauthorized shows